We strive to make your business transformation a positive experience for all stakeholders, investors and staff. We aim to develop and implement strategies that deliver sustainable growth – driving value back into your business.


Our services help businesses take early decisive action to successfully exploit opportunities and/or to address business performance issues.


For any business to be successful, a clear strategy & direction is essential. We work with your business to review and evolve your strategy and ensure supporting plans are in place to drive effective execution.


Our common sense approach allows us to work with your business management
to rapidly re-align strategy and direction, to transform business performance in a matter
of weeks or months.


We specialise in technology business (software, services, IT communications) and are always available to discuss how we can help you drive value back into your business.


TMS have a very direct, hands-on approach which is entirely results orientated.


Every situation is approached in an open and constructive way to first establish an objective assessment of the situation.

Gordon Matthew publishes 'How can a Growth Plan help to break through the Glass Ceiling'

 In my experience, most businesses have ambitions for growth, but many find themselves struggling to achieve their self-imposed growth targets and hence fail to drive revenues above a “steady-state” run rate.
The need for a clear & measurable growth plan, together with the key steps that businesses need to take for a successfully execution, is the basis for a Glass Ceiling breakthrough.

Too many businesses get caught up in day-to-day operations and fail to find the time to look forward; insufficient management time is allocated to developing plans for taking the business to the next level both organically and/or through M&A

The critical first step is to get executive management to recognize and acknowledge the importance of planning; once this is accepted, the hard work begins and the right NED support for the exec team can significantly accelerate the transition to growth.

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TMS complete transformation and sale of Arden Communications Group to Babble Cloud

The TMS team started a buy and build transformation at Arden Communications Group in 2015. This focused project increased revenues by over 50% to just under £10m, and drove trading EBITDA to circa £1.6m (16%). The resulting significant growth led to a managed trade sale to Babble Cloud in October 2018.  


TMS founder completes another new challenge

Cycling enthusiast, Gordon Matthew, has completed the magnificent Mallorca Lighthouse Tour. 450km in 4 days with over 3000m uphill….its tough at the top!

Mallorca 2018 - 6

From the Balearics to business, TMS are working with innovative software company, Adventoris, to drive growth primarily into SwiftCloud, their B2B mobile App which will be the next generation of customer relationship management. 


TMS lead successful sale of Science Warehouse Ltd to Advanced

After 18 months in his role an non-executive Chairman, TMS founder Gordon Matthew has successfully driven growth into this cloud-based procurement platform business, by reviewing and updating the strategic business plan. As a result, Science Warehouse was sold for £17m to Advanced Business Software & Solutions Limited in February 2018.

Summertime success leads to Autumn assignments for TMS

Summer 2017: Trend Management Services supported RJD Partners in the successful sale of Intrinsic Technology to a leading AIM listed unified communications business, Maintel Holdings PLC.

Autumn 2017: TMS have been appointed by a south coast based WIFI communications company to deliver consultancy support following a change of ownership. In addition, Mercia Ventures and Enterprise Ventures have engaged TMS in a new assignment to help accelerate growth of a Northern software company focused on connecting customers to their suppliers via mobile app. Our UK coverage is growing as is our expertise.

TMS Business Portfolio continues to grow in Spring 2017

Trend Management Services has developed three projects within the first quarter of 2017: a company senior debt re-finance; the provision of acquisition funding for a growing business; and consultancy on a new strategic business plan for a fast developing Cloud company. TMS has certainly sprung into action this Spring!

Head Turna takes over at Intrinsic Winter Conference 2017

Head Turna liveTeam Intrinsic 2017

Trend Management Services main man, Gordon Matthew aka Head Turna, headlined the Intrinsic Winter Conference 2017. Staff were presented with the 2017 Business Strategy which will accelerate Intrinsic forward and enable the company to grow via partnerships and good customer management. The multi-talented Head Turna then managed the dance floor to capacity and beyond…

TMS support successful sale of ITC Security to C5 Capital

Trend Management Services have provided key support and consultancy to London-based ITC Security since 2012. This has resulted in a clear business value driver strategy and significant operational improvements. TMS were involved in the exit preparation and ensured the relevant management information was readily available for all potential acquirers. Ian Evans, FD ITC, said ‘TMS were instrumental in helping ITC develop our value drivers and our Information Memorandum. Their knowledge of  the managed security services market and their understanding of our business enabled the creation of clear meaningful management reports. Their advice and professionalism throughout the sale process has been a major contributor to our success’.


Client Testimonials

TMS CEO, Gordon Matthew, provided unrelenting drive and leadership in his interim MD role at Arden. TMS made a massive contribution to our successful growth, and were instrumental in both preparing the business for sale and leading the sale process on behalf of the Board.

Nigel Walker
Nigel Walker

CEO Founder, Arden Group

Gordon Matthew was brought in as non-Executive Chairman at Science Warehouse to work with the executive team to reshape strategy and restore the business profitability. The company was successfully sold to Advanced Business Software & Solutions Ltd and Gordon played an important role in the M&A process. I always found him calm, straightforward and commercially strong.

Matt Mead
Matt Mead

Mercia Technologies PLC

TMS have proved an invaluable resource to me and my Management Team over the last two and a half years. Their ability to grasp an issue, understand the implications and to map out an agreed solution on a consensus basis is first class. TMS are politically savvy and  skilled negotiators, I can wholeheartedly recommend their services.

Stephen Driscoll
Stephen Driscoll

CEO, m-hance

Gordon Matthew provided the leadership and direction required to implement key strategic changes and delivered a stepped change in sustainable performance.

Ian Grant
Ian Grant

August Equity

I have had the privilege to work with TMS for some 10 years at companies including Azzurri Communications, Calyx Managed Services and M-hance software. Whether in an executive or non-exec role TMS rapidly get to the heart of the issue and deliver structured and practical solutions to improve the business and drive value.

Tim Darbyshire
Tim Darbyshire

CFO, m-hance

Gordon Matthew provides a structured approach to board decision making, stable leadership and a proven ability to build effective team-working through periods of change within small and medium sized IT businesses. We (RJD Partners) highly value his contribution to situations we have worked on together.

Frank Bulman
Frank Bulman

RJD Partners

Arden Group embraced the drive and leadership provided by TMS which culminated in exceptional organic growth alongside a focussed M&A plan. This led to an excellent result for the selling shareholders, when the sale to Babble Cloud was finalised in October 2018. Another successful outcome for TMS. m-hance is another business which has benefited from the TMS drive to provide business development planning and execution, which effectively re-aligns business direction. As a result m-hance are now the largest Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner in Europe.
The transformation of a key TMS assignment, Calyx Managed Services (CMS), enabled the business to develop and evolve by focussing on key strengths with customer service becoming a top priority. This led to an efficient and profitable sale early in 2015.
TMS have successfully turned around a loss-making software company which forms part of a key Private Equity portfolio. The turnaround involved realignment of business strategy to focus on core strengths and improved customer service. This approach gave rise to better customer retention and incremental business.