Business Transformation

Rapid performance improvement to quickly re-establish confidence within the business.

TMS has worked on many projects where a rapid improvement in performance is required and confidence needs to be quickly re-established with the stakeholders. TMS adopts a 3-phase approach to ensure rapid and incremental results which quickly re-build confidence in the business. This approach ensures focus on the right issues at the right time.

Get control

  • Establish the underlying performance issues which are adversely impacting the business.
  • Establish action plans to address performance issues
  • Implement new disciplines, processes & procedures to ensure sustainability
  • Clarify the business priorities and stick to them

Predictability & Profitability

  • Businesses need to take firm actions and make commitments that can be met
  • Execute action plans to ensure priority deliverables are achieved
  • Detailed review of medium to longer business strategy and business plans
  • Rationalisation and update of business strategy plan to take place as required

Return to growth

  • Refocus the business on maximising the best available opportunities
  • Action plans and strategies adopted as a result of this approach will provide a platform for growth
  • New improved operational model will provide the business with breathing space, management bandwidth and the capacity to take on more challenges