We aim to develop and implement strategies that deliver sustainable growth; driving value back into your business. Our approach ensures that this transformation is a positive experience for all stakeholders, investors and staff.

We have worked with a range of businesses, with turnovers from £1m to £150m, and our services help businesses take early decisive action to successfully exploit opportunities and address performance issues.

Currently, we are working on two major consultancy assignments: one involves a South Coast based WIFI communications company which has recently undergone a change of ownership and the second is an appointment by Mercia Ventures who needs TMS to assist in the growth of a Northern software company, who are focused on connecting customers to their suppliers through a mobile app. Progress on both these projects has been positive.

Additionally, we are now focussing our strategic expertise on Crossword Cybersecurity, recently listed on AIM; Crossword specialise in cyber security.

Gordon Matthew, our CEO founder, has recently been appointed non-executive Chairman at Amito who deliver bespoke cloud and connectivity services – he will be key to driving their Growth plan. Gordon is also continuing to support the development and growth of  Flow Communications Ltd during this year.

Recent Projects

itc-secure-project trend management services


TMS support successful sale of ITC Security to C5 Capital in November 2016.

science-warehouse-limited-project trend management services

Warehouse Limited

TMS supported executive management in undertaking a strategic review and updating the business plan to drive growth.

computer closeup trend management services

Communications Group

TMS have successfully led the transformation & growth of Arden Communications Group resulting in a successful exit in October 2018.

team working together trend management services


TMS managed a transformation and rapid turnaround of m-hance in 2014 before handing over to a new CEO in early 2015.

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Calyx Managed

Recruiting a new team, helping to develop and prepare the business for a successful sale in early 2015.